History of Bethel Township

Since 1682
The recorded date of settlement for Bethel Township is 1682. Bethel Township was then incorporated from Concord Township in 1683.

Bethel Township is located along the southern border of Delaware County, in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bethel is bordered by the following area:
  • Aston Township to the north
  • New Castle County, Delaware, to the south
  • Upper Chichester to the east
  • Concord Township to the west

About Our Name
The name of the township was recorded as "Bethel Lyberty" and was imported directly from Palestine. The word is said to signify "House of God" being the name of the second Hebrew letter (Beth-el), which is made after the fashion of a Hebrew house. Bethel Hamlet was settled at a very early date, and was probably composed of the first rudely constructed dwellings of the early immigrants who built them near each other for safety.