Leaf & Yard Waste Pickup

What is Leaf Waste?

Leaf waste is defined as "leaves, garden residue, shrubbery, tree trimming and similar materials."

Scheduled Pickup Days

The first pickup of each year is to be scheduled during spring, and the second pickup will be scheduled in the fall.  

Yard Waste - Monday, May 11th, 2020

Leaf Pickup - Monday, November 16th, 2020

 Please place unlimited yard waste in bio-degradable compost bags. Branches and twigs must be tied and bundled in 3ft. lengths. Plastic bags, stones, and dirt are unacceptable. Yard waste must be placed curbside the evening prior to collection so we may guarantee service.

What NOT to do

Please DO NOT rake leaves or lawn waste into the street.  Yard waste in the street creates a traffic hazard and clogs sewer drains. DO NOT use plastic bags as these collections are composted. Leaf and yard waste debris in plastic bags will not be collected. DO NOT place yard waste in your Bethel trash toters. Yard waste placed in these toters will not be picked up. DO NOT overload bags with dirt or mulch. Biodegradable bags / open containers that are filled with dirt or mulch will not be collected as they may be too heavy to lift or break during lifting.

Required Bags

All residents are required to place leaf waste in biodegradable leaf bags available from area stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. A limit of 15 bags per property is established for each of the two pickups by haulers. Haulers may reject Leaf Waste in plastic bags, or other non-biodegradable containers, or any bag contaminated by non-Leaf Waste.